• Avast Internet Security 2016 update Windows XP/7/8/10 download

    Avast Internet Security 2016
    No virus

    The solution itself is the type of instruments Avast Internet security is to protect the strong men from you. In the fair, also a firewall, anti-virus, anti-phishing tool, understanding the means for scanning the correct and secure VPN. With Avast Internet Security you can set the parameters of the scan modes; To select a scan destination areas, all the way to photograph the selected file type. Or by the types of content can be reduced / scanned / expanded/ User to define the file extension.

    The main features are:

    – Firewall.

    – The true recognition time of fear.

    Phishing, anti- instrument.

    – Senate.

    – Antivirus protection.

    – Secure VPN line.

    – Anti-spam tool.

    – Smart scan.

    – Strong guard.

    Antivirus Internet Security also includes new technologies like secure DNS and scan HTTPS Home Network Security to add your patronage.

    Avast Internet Security 2016 What’s New:

    – Here is the effect of the time of theBoot system faster, less disk space.

    -Unknown Single files and around us better Cybercapture Detection technology cloud.

    – MediumTrash automatic updates elit Vestibulum mollis, configurable via settings.

    – Better way to show the vulnerability.

    – New bank safe zone in a browser.

    – Current-safe mains connection.

    – Anti-spam is part of an opt-in.

    – Remote hardware virtualization (NG) Cybercapture has its place, the smaller the impactOn the system resources.

    -Not It’s enough was far away to help, not have the functionality removed from Core.

    The latest Windows (all versions)

    New: Multiple languages


    1. Unpack and install

    2 uses special permissions registry file

    3. Double-click on the file’s key (does not work Please note that the license files)

    4. Click OK

    5. Perfectly.

    Avast Internet Security 2016

  • Avast SecureLine VPN 1 free download torrent

    Avast SecureLine VPN 1
    No virus

    Avast SecureLine VPNlets surf anonymously on the Internet, or use Web services that are not available in your country by connecting to VPN serversaround The; During our test, there were 27 servers available in countries including the US, Germany, Britain, France, Holland, the Czech Republic; AvastSecureLineVPN’sinterface provides a button, Connect, to connect to the VPN. Platt browsingspeedis excellent, and while there is a slight lack of opportunities, the service is great and dostupnymvsem. http://spesf.pt/?p=1031

    . AS SSD Benchmark 1 .

    Avast SecureLine VPN 1


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